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Very Random Books Subscription (US)  -

 Give the gift of Saving the SciFi. 

Something for now, something for later.  

Singularity&Co's Very Random Books is a just what the name suggests:  sign up the scifi fan in your life, and they'll not only receive a lifetime subscription to; they'll also receive 12 random classic (paper) scifi book in the mail!  

12 specially selected classic scifi paperbacks, and all of our ebooks, for as long as there are scifi books that need saving, DRM free in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats. It's a spectacular gift for the SciFi lover in your life. 

Each month, with the help of its supporters, Singularity&Co selects a vintage scifi book from the past, and preserves it for the future in a new, exclusive ebook edition with original artwork. Fab subscribers will also have access to every Save the SciFi book released to date.  Order today, and you will be emailed a unique gift subscription code within 24 hours. The first Very Random Book will follow the month after your giftee uses their code to join It's never too late to save the scifi, and the holidays!

You and the recipient of your generous gift will both be supporting our efforts to ensure that classic works are preserved for the future, and not lost forever. Everybody wins!

Please be sure to select the option below if you would like your gift subscription sent physically rather than virtually, on a gift card made of a salvaged classic SciFi book cover. 

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